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Creating spaces of natural calm

Berg and Ridge Group is a high-end property development company. Together with our subsidiaries Forrest Lab, Vinstilla and Vaalean we take care of the entire premium hospitality experience from start to finish.

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Berg and Ridge Group rethinks high-end hospitality – the Nordic way

Located in Finland but operating globally, BRG designs spaces that embody our dedication to Nordic tranquility and premium quality user experience. The timeless quality of Nordic design is deeply rooted in our DNA. By combining that with respect for natural beauty and excellent service, we create experiences that expand the boundaries of imagination.


Our work embraces a holistic approach and intellect that merge world-class design and craftsmanship, innovative service concepts, cutting-edge architectural thinking, and distinctive aesthetic atmospheres utilizing low lighting and Nordic wood.


For us, hotels and resorts are not transitory, but transformative spaces. They are wellbeing experiences that help you ground yourself, slow your pace, and feel rejuvenated.

We employ efficient construction practices, aimed at minimizing environmental impact by leveraging innovative wood-based building solutions.


Ensuring a captivating journey for guests and partners alike, detail by detail

BRG is a Helsinki-based practice creating distinctive hospitality and leisure spaces that support holistic wellbeing on a global scale. Our team is composed of international multidisciplinary professionals including architects, designers, creative thinkers, construction engineers, and project managers.

With background in insights and research, we re-think the concept of hospitality and work together to create exceptional buildings and spaces that enhance holistic wellbeing and defy expectations. Our expertise lies in constructing upscale resorts that harmonize with their natural surroundings, reflecting the essence of the Nordic lifestyle.

From initial concepts to final execution, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring a captivating journey for both our guests and stakeholders.

Experiences that reflect the essence of Nordic lifestyle

Shaping new dimensions to hospitality and leisure

We are dedicated to shaping a new realm in high-end hospitality together with our future-oriented clients and stakeholders. With a blend of precision and expertise, we craft spaces that seamlessly connect people to the essence of their surroundings and consistently exceed their expectations.

We meticulously shape our designs around exclusive experiences and Nordic well-being, ensuring that each project development delivers value. Collaborating deeply and closely with our clients and stakeholders, we aspire to capture a new standard of excellence within the industry while bringing unique business value to our clients.

The spaces we construct reflect our deep appreciation for Nordic nature. We create worlds through functional design thinking and spatial philosophy.

Our projects

We are currently engaged in several initiatives worldwide, and we look forward to sharing further details in the near future.

Open positions

We are a group of interdisciplinary professionals, including designers, architects, construction engineers, and other creative professionals. We are continually seeking like-minded individuals to join us on our mission.